Gibson Les Paul- Traveler guitarist Felipe Muniz shares why this is his favorite guitar model

Felipe Muniz: Felipe Muniz is a singular guitar player.
He was a music professor at U4M in Brazil, he also played in different bands such as “Banda Black in Rio” , “Graca Cunha” , “Fernando Rio” and the international group “Il Divo”.
Finally he just moved officially to Italy, but his place is the world.

Shining on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, he plays music that enlightens audiences on cruise ships. We talked to this musician that shared details about the choice of his guitar.

Actual guitars: Fender American Stratocaster 1997, PRS Custom24 e Gibson traditional R9 year 2000

How much of the sound of a guitar player is determined by the model of his guitar?
I think that when a guitar player has his own sound in is Solo carrier, the model of the guitar he/she uses is fundamental. His tone is the digital impression of the musician.
Although there is interesting cases like guitar players such as John Scofield and Carlos Santana: they create always a very similar sound independently from the guitar they are using. This is the addition of their hand to the detail , in the choice of pick ups and tones.

Felipe Muniz

What’s the model and brand of the guitar that you most utilize? What are the main characteristics of the model that you most use?
I most use my Gibson Les Paul traditional year 2000.
It’s very versatile, she’s strong very in the middle as in the high notes.
When I’m in need of a defined base that’s the right guitar as it’s good for funk music just like heavy rock.

About your most utilized instrument what are the advantages and disadvantages according to you?
One of the advantages Is that whenever I’m playing in bands with more individuals where I need more punch the hambucker do the job perfectly .
The disadvantage is that when I need a more precise more dynamic sound that I meet in the StratoCuster, she does not support it. Even if I tried to work the volume or gain she still comes with a big strength in the sound.

Single or Humbucker, in one word, why?
Single, sensibility.

Does the choice of the guitar change if you’re playing live or you are recording?
Of course it depends on the sounds that you are going to play in a specific moment and it depends on the sound that I need for that specific job or specific artist.

Talking about amplifiers paired with guitars would you change the one that you use?
I would not change it. I generally use the same amplifier changing the equalizer depending on the guitar, which many times has more or less gain.

Mini release
Felipe Muniz is a musician with the bachelor in guitar at FAAM.
He started his studies in the art of music, where he discovered jazz and instrumental music and he works as a sideman with plenty of musicians and artists in and out of Brazil.

Actually he lives in Italy and works with Broadway musicals on Royal Caribbean ships were he works with popular artists well known all around the world.Gibson Les Paul-